Student Mentee Information

The UNSW Career Discovery Mentoring Program provides students with the opportunity to discover potential career and vocational futures through a mentoring relationship that facilitates greater self-awareness of skills, knowledge, experiences and attributes. It connects UNSW students from their second year of study with established industry professionals, providing students with a significant opportunity to focus on their career development.  

Over a 5-week mentoring period, students will receive guidance from mentors and gain knowledge of industries and sectors, career options, industry trends, workplace culture and dynamics. Students will also gain insights into their skills, knowledge, values and attributes, as well as reflect on their experience and learn from the experience of mentors. The program provides the opportunity to build personal and professional networks with mentors and fellow mentees.

What is mentoring?
Mentoring is a relationship that will help you build and grow your professional network, develop new skills and get firsthand information on potential career paths. This is your chance to find out what it is really like in professional life, how your mentor got to where they are today and have someone to guide you as you weigh up your options.
  • Explore multiple industries/sectors to help discover a career path that’s right for you  
  • Build a relationship with an established industry professional who will provide support and guidance 
  • Build confidence in developing personal and professional networks  
  • Develop employability skills such as: communication, interpersonal, leadership and organisational skills 
  • Take part in a program that offers the opportunity to engage 100% online or face to face  
  • Become part of the Alumni Connect network 
  • Gain AHEGS accreditation 
Eligibility criteria
We welcome and encourage applications from students who meet the following criteria:
  • Students who are in their second year of study and above from following faculties: UNSW Arts, Design and Architecture, UNSW Law, UNSW Engineering, UNSW Science, UNSW Medicine  and UNSW Canberra. 
  • Are enrolled in courses for Term 3, 2021
  • Have an overall WAM of 50 or above and good standing at time of application
  • Can commit to the following compulsory activities:
Pre-program Training (online): Tuesday 7 September, 2-3:30 pm OR Tuesday, 7 September,4-5:30 pm OR Wednesday, 8 September, 12:30-2 pm 
Pre-program surveys: due by Friday, 10th September
Mentoring meetings: A total of 5 hours' worth of meetings between Monday 13th September - Friday 15th October
Career Development Learning Session (online): Complete one (1) between 13th September - Friday 22nd October
Mid-program survey: due by Wednesday 29th September

Closing week/event: Monday 18th of October -Friday  22nd of October
Reflection letter to your mentor due by Friday 22nd October
End of program surveys due by Friday 22nd of October

Note: This program is not an internship, work experience or employment. Our aim is to assist you to develop an awareness of the career options and the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a chosen field.  


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