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Mentor Connect is a peer-to-peer speed mentoring program - an opportunity for UNSW Business School students to have one-off career conversations with an AGSM MBA student on any career related topic you might like to discuss.

Our AGSM MBA students are industry professionals from a range of different industries and sectors. This online program allows you to connect with our MBA students who can help you learn and develop while you are still studying at UNSW. 

Successful mentoring relationships are built on openness, respect, commitment and are mutually beneficial - your mentor can learn from you as well.

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What is speed mentoring? 

Speed mentoring is a bit different to other formal mentoring programs - it's a bit more relaxed and you meet with your mentor for a one-off conversation. It's a fantastic tool to develop your professional skills, find out about different career options or what it is like to work in a particular area or industry. There is no limit to the number of times you can connect with different mentors! It's really as easy as meeting for a coffee on campus. 

Why join Mentor Connect?

  • Develop your professional skills
  • Learn from an MBA student who wants to share their expertise, experience and industry knowledge
  • Discover potential career paths and jobs you may never have considered
  • Ask your mentor what they studied in their undergraduate course and if they would do anything differently 
  • Find out what people actually do in the real world of business or what it is really like to work at a particular company
  • Ask for some help with a job application, advice on your LinkedIn profile or even practice some interview questions
  • If you are an international student talk to a fellow international student about your options at graduation. Find out how they got their first job either in Australia or back home.

Please note:

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, UNSW Business School is clear about its responsibility to do everything it can to assist with reducing rates of infection within the community. Our top priority remains the health and safety of our students, staff, alumni and affiliates. During these uncertain times, we highly recommend that face-to-face meetings be conducted online using video conferencing such as Skype, Zoom, Facetime or Microsoft Teams. 

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