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What do the Values in Action: Our UNSW Behaviours look like in your mentoring relationship?

Before joining the Career Collaborator, use the Values in Action to think about who you might learn from, and who can learn from you. Whilst all the Values in Action are important, 'Displays Respect' is fundamental to a successful mentoring relationship. Consider, what does respect look like for you and the other person in this mentoring relationship.

In any mentoring relationship it's important to think first and foremost about how you would like to be treated and always ask the other party how they would like to be treated, if you are ever unsure - just ask. Some suggestion to consider are outlined below. 

For our partners and affiliates, more information on the Values in Action can be found here or UNSW staff can visit the Values in Action SharePoint Hub.


As a mentor you may experience some challenging conversations. It is important to stay focused on asking questions and sitting back and listening. It may turn out there are more things going on than you understand or know about so it's important to display respect at all times.  What can be difficult is when mentoring may touch on personal issues, in these cases, remember you can suggest our counselling assistance service, Benestar, which is a confidential, free and independent service for all UNSW staff and their families. Information can be obtained by calling 1300 360 364 or via the website. For our partners and affiliates please speak to your local HR rep.

When you have been working in an organisation a long time and made the difficult decision to move to a new organisation it can be a challenging transition. From being the "go to" person for people - the one who was always asked "How do we do that?" or "Do you know who to talk to?"  to not having any organisational knowledge. It can be hard to say I'm a bit lost here, especially if you are a  senior person. A mentor can really help in these situations to build collaboration. A mentor can be someone you could have a casual coffee with who could clue you in on where to find things, people, resources or even locations.  

Once you've been in a role for some time you can become accustomed to how things have always been done. With the waves of disruption flowing through organisations it's always good to review new trends and best practice - think, what are others doing in my space? A mentor with similar interests but different experience could be a great help for you to demonstrate excellence. A peer mentor can really help shape strategy, keep goals on track and build meaningful connections along the way.

In large organisations teams are often doing the same thing in parallel and not learning from each other. A reverse mentoring relationship can offer interesting insights & allow you to see things in a different light. Seeking out less experienced mentors in terms of years in the organisation but with diverse or rich knowledge can generate great results. This is often a reciprocal relationship where in return, you could connect your mentor to some great contacts or help build knowledge in key professional and organisational areas.

It's easy to get stuck in your own little world and not reach out to different people and insights. An interesting activity is to reflect on 10 people you really trust who aren't your family. These people can be known as your "Circle of Trust". Now reflect on how diverse this Circle of Trust is - how many are a different gender? Age? Ethnic or cultural background? Professional orientation? How diverse is your Circle of Trust? Embracing diversity is about reaching beyond your perceptions and assumptions to invite new people into your circle. The Career Collaborator offers a great way to do this - you can advance search to connect with someone from a different diversity background to yourself, the results can be great.

If you are unfamiliar with the Values in Action: Our UNSW Behaviours, check out the video below or visit the Values in Action SharePoint Hub for useful resources and activities. 

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