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2019 Career Ready Mentoring Program 


This program connects current students with established alumni & industry professionals to provide support and a significant opportunity to focus on career development during the transition from study to work.
The program is delivered via 5 sessions over an 11-week period and will appear on each student mentee’s Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement.

  • We welcome all UNSW graduates and industry partners with four or more years of professional experience to participate as mentors.
  • The mentoring program is open to current students with an overall weighted average mark of 50 and above. Students undertake a formal application process including an interview style assessment.  They are then selected based on their application and interview performance.
  • This program is currently offered to UNSW Art & Design, Arts & Social Sciences and Built Environment students and alumni. 

Applications for the 2020 Career Ready Mentoring Program (Term 2) will open in early 2020.

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