Frequently Asked Questions



1. How does Alumni Connect work?

Alumni Connect is a mentoring platform that connects you with fellow UNSW alumni to learn, grow and broaden your professional networks. The sign-up process is quick and easy, it will only take you a few minutes to sign up

2. What happens when I sign up?

Each person must first complete an online profile. This step will ask you questions about the skills, strengths and areas of expertise you feel comfortable providing or receiving advice about.

The platform then provides mentees with a number of recommended mentor connections based on profiles that detail skills and experiences that match their interests and self-identified areas of growth. The mentee then requests a ‘meeting’ to chat with the person they would like to connect with.

Once you sign up, networking is key. Be proactive and set up meetings with various mentors, or accept any connection requests you might receive from mentees. This is your chance to accelerate your career and tap into the global knowledge pool that is the UNSW alumni community.

3. Can I be a mentor and a mentee?

Yes! The flexibility of Alumni Connect extends to alumni being able to sign up as both a mentor and a mentee, seeking and giving advice at the same time.

4. When and how should I connect with my mentor/mentee?

The meetings could be at any time of the day, in a format, regularity and time frame that suits you and your mentor/mentee. The program is designed to be flexible, to fit around busy schedules and a diverse range of needs. This includes:

  • The option to connect in person, online, or a combination
  • Connect with one – or several – different UNSW alumni depending on your needs
  • Once-off or ‘flash connections’ for help on the go
  • Ongoing connections for alumni who prefer to meet, chat and engage longer term
5. Why should I get involved?
  • Develop your listening, questioning, empathising and rapport-building skills
  • Enhance your confidence as a professional 
  • Reflect on your own career with new perspective
  • Expand your professional network
  • Strengthen your connection to UNSW and its alumni community
  • Gain valuable insight into a certain industry or demographic
  • Receive/provide assistance with career planning and direction
  • Benefit from independent and objective viewpoints
6. Are there any guidelines?

Yes! You can read about the Alumni Connect mentoring guidelines in the Mentoring Handbook once you log-in. The handbook stipulates in detail how you should:
  •  Take responsibility for accepting meetings in a timely manner
  •  Set aside time for the program and honour all appointments
  •  Be flexible on meeting times and places
  •  Keep information shared by your fellow alumni confidential. If something concerning needs to be discussed with others, you should first obtain permission from the mentor/mentee in question.
  • Establish open and honest communication, and a forum for idea exchange
  • Foster creativity and independence; help build self-confidence and offer encouragement
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback
  • Provide opportunities to talk about concerns and ask questions
  • Above all, listen
7. What are some examples of mentoring conversations? 

Give/receive quick tips on the go
A young business professional is invited to speak at an event but he has little public speaking experience. He finds an alumni mentor, who described themselves as ‘a regular conference presenter’. The young professional sends the mentor a one-off ‘flash connection’ via the Alumni Connect digital platform to ask for their best tips for public speaking. The mentor shares personal experiences and anecdotes over a 30-minute phone call, as well as sharing links to articles / resources they have found useful in developing their own skills. 

Create ongoing relationships
A senior leader in Hong Kong’s solar industry connects with a mentee working in her field of expertise who is also based in Hong Kong. The two agree to meet up for 45 minutes once a month to develop the mentee’s skills and swap stories of their time studying in Australia at UNSW. The mentoring relationship is ongoing and covers all manner of professional advice and challenges faced by the mentee.

Establish a structured timeline
A newly-graduated UNSW alum in Australia is looking to break into a competitive arts industry, and seeks mentoring from a well-known artist living in the United States who established her career in Australia. The two agree to hold one-hour Skype sessions every fortnight, for the period of six months during which the mentor will help the new graduate and mentee navigate the early stages of professional life.

8. Who can I contact if I have questions? 

Please contact us if you have any questions.
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Phone - +61 2 8936 4716

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