Mentee (Student) Information


Our alumni community and industry partners want to inspire, encourage, support and contribute to your professional and personal development while you are still at UNSW.

The Career Mentoring Program pairs you with a UNSW Business School alumni and industry mentor for minimum of five hours of face-to-face mentoring via video. You can expect to start building your professional network and develop your confidence and skills as you prepare to enter the workforce. 

This program is a mentoring partnership focused on developing your professional skills and identifying career options and goals.

Chartered Accountants ANZ Australia partners with UNSW Business School to deliver the Career Mentoring Program.

What past students have said about the program:

From the program, I was given the chance to be a work experience intern at one of the big four banks. This will help me get a first-hand experience in the industry that I want to work in, and allow me to expand my network far more than just events or careers expos.

The best skill I gained in the Career Mentoring Program would definitely be an awareness of what prospective employers are looking for in candidates, and most importantly, how to effectively communicate these qualities

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get matched to my mentor?
    We look at your completed profile with the information you have entered on what you are seeking and what you are interested in. We use this information together with your application information to match you to a mentor.
  • Do I have to attend the mid-program catch up?
    Yes, this is a compulsory event where you get to share your experience, brainstorm any problems and hear what others have been doing. 
  • Will the program be on my AHEGS Statement
    Yes, provided you complete all compulsory program requirements.
  • Do I need to attend the professional development sessions hosted by CA ANZ? 
    Yes, as we are unable to take part in networking events due to the current COVID-19 situation, we expect you to attend these sessions. 
  • How many meetings will I have with my mentor?
    You will have a minimum of five hours of mentoring which will be conducted 100% online via video. 
  • Do I need to get my mentor a gift at the end?
    This is totally up to you.  If things have gone well then you might like to give a small thank you gift.  We do ask that you thank your mentor with either a written note or an email.


  1. Be proactive in arranging meetings and be flexible around availability and location. 
  2. Understand what you want from each meeting and communicate your goals and aspirations.
  3. Keep all scheduled appointments and display professional behavior.
  4. Come to meetings prepared with topics for discussion and questions.
  5. Be open and honest about your situation. 
  6. Keep information that has been shared with you confidential. If something concerns you raise it with the program coordinator.


  1. Ask for advice on everything. Have a purpose in each request.
  2. Blame your mentor if their advice doesn't work out.
  3. Expect your mentor to know all the answers.
  4. Commit yourself to obligations you cannot keep.
  5. Cancel meetings/visits with your mentor at the last minute (unless an emergency) - this is highly unprofessional behaviour.
  6. Ask for an internship or job or about their salary.